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Digital Product Consultant

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Building any website or app can be a minefield

Your business needs a compelling mobile and web experience to survive and grow.

  • But you’re probably overwhelmed by options.
  • You need to align real-world business goals with sophisticated, evolving technologies.
  • And mistakes can be expensive.
  • If you pick the wrong architecture, then your business might struggle to pivot and scale.

Maybe you feel overwhelmed, or...

Confused by your technology options?

Hesitant - having been burnt in the past?

Uncertain of the potential costs?

Unsure and in need of expert advice?

Surprised by big quotes from agencies?

Get an expert, unbiased opinion

I can help you to plan your project and make sensible decisions that save time, avoid future headaches, and reduce the chance of wasted cash.

I’m the founder of Jupiter and the Giraffe - a website and app development company - which blends the experience and skills that I developed through my career as a website developer, product developer, and creative director.

I’ve helped tens of business owners like you to:

  • Make sense of complex technologies.

  • Understand their commercial implications.

  • Make better business decisions.

  • Save tens of thousands of pounds.

I develop brilliant software and websites

I build web applications and websites - with a speciality in front-end development.

My passion is building interactive applications that look great and are semantically sound under the hood, so that future developers can build on them easily.

I’ve served many projects as a tech lead and architect - and understand both backend and serverside principles.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are my core fundamentals, along with frameworks like Angular and Vue, libraries like React - and their node-based counterparts Next, Nuxt and Universal.

I help companies like yours to succeed

I align code, branding, and creative vision with real-world business goals.

At Jupiter and the Giraffe, we design, build and deliver complete SaaS and web app solutions to fit each client’s business goals, budget, and strategy.

As the founder and creative director, my role is to bridge the technical divide between real-world business goals and code - with each solution delivered on-time and on-budget.

And now, you can hire me to share my skills on a consultative basis.

Let’s get started!

Book your 60-minute consultation and get ready to feel more confident.

I’ve helped businesses to save tens of thousands of dollars while developing websites and web apps. Many had outsourced to the wrong agencies in the past and were anxious about making the same mistake again - until I helped them develop a clear path forwards.

Get the clarity that you need to execute your project.

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  2. We’ll talk and explore your project, business goals, and challenges.
  3. I’ll respond with a proposal that fits your budget.

It’s that simple. And if you’d like ongoing support, I can provide that too.

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"It was great working with Sam. He asked about my businesses needs and listened thoroughly. He helped me to establish my target market and the direction in which I wanted to push the business."
Rob Skinner, Storm & Stoke
"I recently reached out to Samuel regarding a digital product idea. He took the time to listen and quickly helped me understand the possibilities, pitfalls, alternate solutions, potential costs involved, and the timelines that would be required. He also put me in contact with a great team of developers whom I'm working with to produce the product ready for market."
Iain MacMillan

Relax - you enjoy a complete guarantee

I offer a 30-day guarantee. Yup, that’s all your money back - with no questions asked.

My service is built on years of experience advising and leading projects, making and learning from mistakes, talking to C-suite executives, and writing code with development teams. I am confident that I provide sound, actionable advice.

But if you feel that my methods or suggestions won’t work for you, then just let me know within 30 days, and I’ll be happy to give you a complete refund - no questions asked.

You’ve got nothing to lose, and plenty to gain - so book your consultation now!