Website Developer

I started my professional career in the design and digital department at Framestore, a global visual effects giant for film and TV based in London, UK. There, we got to work on films with the likes of Chris Morris (Four Lions), Richard Ayoade (Submarine, The Double) and Paddy Considine (Tyrannosaur) but we also worked on games, apps, trailers and television shows. I also saw the beginnings on what was later to become Framestore Labs, their virtual reality department.

I’d always been doing front-end developer on the side. I’d also had the chance to do this a little at Framestore so when my time ended at Framestore, I decided I wanted to do it as a job. I was referred to Digital Detox (DD) which was where my professional development career began. DD was a family oriented company and the team was very close-nit. It was a great learning experience from a front-end perspective but I wanted to get more of a holistic view of project structure so I moved on to AND Digital (AND) as a product developer. Here I was encouraged to explore the many aspects of a project lifecycle and had a hand in the direction of projects and encouraged for my thinking ability and trusted for it. My always-present passion to start my own company was growing as I gained more of an understanding of how things operated.

Jupiter and the Giraffe officially started just before I started at AND and I continued to do development work on the side as I always had. Suzannah joined as my goto designer and so opened up the potential to do great design as well as website build. I’d always wanted to design and Suzannah was a great fit. In 2019 we made the company Limited and decided that this was something we wanted to focus on full-time. The rest is history.

Throughout my development career I'd always worked on apps and my ability to discus what we were doing technically to non-technical people made me stand out. I harness this skill to be able to help businesses prepare and organise their web or app project. This in-turn saves them time and money. Often businesses have been burned more than once because they dive in to web projects without the proper expectations and are overwhelmed at the complexities.

  • Gridware - Cyber Health Check

    Gridware is a full stack application built using Next.js and Firebase. The app takes the user through a questioninarre and on completion, generates a pdf report in Node. Users can then access in their own account.

    Technologies used:

    Next, Vercel Now, Firebase, Styled Components, Node.js


    Epoch's website was developed in Wordpress on behalf of Jupiter and the Giraffe.

    Technologies used:

    AWS, Wordpress

  • Vogue (Fashion Shows)

    Built for Conde Nast on behalf of AND Digital, I joind the team to support in improving overal performance of the Fashion Shows site on Vogue Germany. This work is slowly being released globally. I also supported in SEO optimisations.

    Technologies used:

    Next.js, Node.js

  • Neeta Madahar

    For this project built in Vue, I pushed a basic, headless CMS (Prismic) to it’s limits. Architecturaly this website was a challenge needing both and to both point to same website. SEO had to be taken into account and canonical urls.

    Technologies used:

    Prismic, AWS (Cloudfront, S3),, Vue

  • Grainger plc - "Clippers Quay"

    The Clippers Quay was built for AND Digital on behalf of Grainger plc. The marketing site was to launch a new “build-to-let” site in Manchester. We built a reusable component library in React so that subsequent marketing sites could be spun up with little effort.

    Technologies used:

    AWS (serverless), React, Prerender, Prismic CMS, SEO

  • Jupiter and the Giraffe

    The Jupiter and the Giraffe website is an Angular front end accessing the Wordpress CMS using its REST API. We use Angular Universal so that the site is search engine optimised

    Technologies used:

    Angular, AWS (S3, Lambda, API Gateway), Wordpress Rest API

  • Samuel Gregory Website

    I built my own personal site in Nuxt to extend my Vue capabilities and to learn a new headless CMS (Zesty). The application is running on Heroku.

    Technologies used:

    Nuxt.js, Heroku, Cloudflare,

  • Onliness Statement Generator

    Pet project. Enabling a user to generate an “Onliness Statement” and learn about its importance. Enabled me to learn Next.js and Vercel Now to extend my React capabilities.

    Technologies used:

    Next.js, Now

  • Boombocs

    Boombocs needed me to dive into their existing Shopify template and work with it to add updated features and design. Completed on behalf of my company Jupiter and the Giraffe.

    Technologies used:


  • North Star Law Ltd

    Bespoke Wordpress theme for North Star Law Ltd. I set up the entire hosting stack using the AWS platform.

    Technologies used:

    AWS (EC2, Cloudfront), Wordpress

  • Emdad Rashid

    Designed by Emdad, I helped him put together and maintain his website on AWS using Wordpress. The site needed a login area for sensitive work and needed to be highly customisable.

    Technologies used:

    AWS (EC2, Cloudfront), Wordrpess